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We will ensure your car faults are repaired quickly and as inexpensively as possible without compromising quality to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as we can.

Whether you need a car service, repairs or an MOT, our team of highly skilled and accredited IMI technicians can accommodate you.

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With six car service bays, we offer all types of car servicing, covering a comprehensive list of car repairs from a simple light bulb change to the most complex gearbox rebuilds. We source genuine or OE (Original Equipment) equivalent parts from official manufacturers at competitive prices.

If your engine is not running as it should, we have state of the art diagnostics equipment to locate the fault. We can then work to ensure the best performance and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

I have used garages for over 50 years and can honestly say that MOT City has the best customer service I have ever come across.

Why Service your vehicle

Like any worthwhile investment it pays to look after your vehicle. No doubt you will have dates in the calendar for your MOT and you wouldn’t miss a tax or insurance payment – services can be equally important in the regular maintenance of your car. By keeping on top of its condition, we can spot any underlying issues before they turn into something more serious and costly. Your safety comes first and our customers get real peace of mind from knowing we have undertaken the work to a high standard.



In the UK a full MOT must be carried out annually, whereas a service is usually done after a certain level of mileage has been reached. This is because each manufacturer makes their machinery differently, components may begin to wear or will need to be checked. This helps to keep road users safe and also allows you to get the most from your vehicle. We appreciate that your personal transport is really important to you, so we take care to provide the best possible treatment to ensure a long life and reduce future repair costs.


Depending on the age of the vehicle the frequency with which the manufacturer suggests servicing will vary. In newer cars this information may even show digitally on the dashboard; otherwise it is often printed in the car manual or log book. Once we have performed a service we record it in the log book so as to keep your service history up to date. This can even add value when it comes to selling your vehicle in the future.

It is advisable to be clear on what is included in a service so that you can understand any issues that are highlighted during the process. We always change engine oil as part of a service as it is an essential lubricant and a build-up of dirt and additives can make it less effective. The oil filter is replaced to keep the flow of oil consistent and clear.Spark plugs will often be replaced too as they’re subject to a lot of wear and tear. The engine will then be tuned and the brake and power steering fluids topped up, with grease applied where needed.

Your tyres may also have worn down, so their tread is assessed. Tyre wear can really affect your car’s performance so it’s often advisable to have tyres changed as part of your service.

Cambelts keep various parts of the engine running in sync with each other and they can often need replacing due to wear and tear.

All in all, a service is a thorough health check that is well worth booking.


We operate a clean, organised garage with approachable and knowledgeable mechanics. Our six work areas mean we can often fit people in at a convenient time for them. Even if a service is not recommended by the manufacturer for a few more miles, a driver will often know when something doesn’t seem right and it’s best to check in with a garage rather than wait. MOT City should be your first port of call for a car service in Reading, Wokingham or Winnersh.

In the event that your vehicle does need a little TLC our experienced, friendly team can provide a competitive quote and undertake the work. We have a great range of in-house facilities to fix your car.


MOT City are the top car repairs and car service centre in Reading, Wokingham and Winnersh.


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