Steering Adjustments

Steering adjustments in Reading and Wokingham

If you are in need of steering adjustments in Reading and Wokingham, call MOT City.  If you need a tracking adjustment, whether your vehicle is personal or commercial, we can help with both.

A classic sign that your steering may need to be adjusted is that your car will pull slightly to the left or right. The steering wheel may not sit straight when you let go of it. This can be caused by many different things, such as accidentally knocking the pavement while parking, potholes or frequent use of gravel roads. These things are not always avoidable, so it is inevitable that eventually you will need to invest in steering adjustment for your vehicle.

Here at MOT City we have many years of experience in adjusting steering in all types of vehicles and we’ll make sure your vehicle is running straight in no time.


If the wheels on your car are no longer parallel, they may appear to “toe” in or out and may also have a visibly negative or positive camber. Allof these things can cause wear and tear on your suspension and damage the handling, so it is sensible to address any issues straight away and come to MOT City for steering adjustments

We can adjust the tracking on your car quickly and easily; it’s a task we perform on a regular basis for our customers. It is something that needs to be done with precision do ensure your car is running straight again, without any issues. Luckily with our years of experience we can make sure your steering adjustments are dealt with and you’re back on the road in no time.


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