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Do I need a brake check?

There are a few tell-tale signs that your brakes might need closer inspection:

Grinding – when your brake pads are worn, this can create a grinding sound. This should not be ignored as persistent grinding can damage the brake disc.

Spongy Breaks – if your brake pedal feels spongy this can be a sign that there is air in the brake lines. This prevents brake fluid flowing properly through the system.

Pulling – if your car pulls to one side when you brake, this can mean a hydraulic within the system is sticking or a caliper has seized.

Squeaking – squeaky brakes can mean that the brake caliper is sticking, so that the brake pads are still applied to the disc. Some brake pads have an indicator which will squeal when it’s worn to let you know they need changing.

Soft Brakes – If your brake pedal is soft and goes all the way to the floor this is a definite cause for concern; it usually means that the brake fluid needs to be replaced but there may be other causes.

Pulsating – If it only happens when the brakes are applied firmly it could be the ABS working, but pulsating every time you apply the brakes can mean that your brake disc has become warped and doesn’t provide a flat surface for the brake pad.

Here at MOT City we offer a free brake check with every service we carry out. We send our technicians on specific training courses for this, so you know that you are getting an expert service. Our preferred parts for brake repairs are either Brembo or Pajid. We endeavor to fit these wherever possible as we believe it is important to ensure your brakes are working as well as they possibly can.

I've used MOT City for several years now. The service is always excellent and the work is thorough and professional.

Professional brake repair in Reading & Winnersh:

When we perform brake repairs we will check and replace (if necessary) brake discs and pads to ensure they are in full working order. We also look at brake shoes and cylinders and will replace those if required. We are also able to offer ABS repairs if needed.

We will always check and repair brakes as part of a car service because we know that your safety is paramount.

  • Replace brake discs
  • Replace brake pads
  • FREE brake check
  • ABS Repairs

Brake repair – Brake discs replacement – Brake pads replacement – FREE brake check – ABS Repairs

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