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Gearbox repairs

The gearbox in your vehicle is crucial. On its own the engine cannot create useable torque in the range of engine speeds needed.

Do I need gearbox repairs?

It’s usually fairly obvious if a gearbox is in need of some attention. There will be buzzing and clunking sounds, especially when you change gears. You may also find a tell-tale pool of liquid beneath your car which is a sure sign of trouble.

Sometimes links and cables can become displaced which causes problems when changing gears.

Can my gearbox be repaired?

Here at MOT City we are gearbox repair specialists and will be able to help. We can flush the transmission fluid, which may have become contaminated, or may be leaking from a point requiring repair. Worn out parts can usually be identified and replaced easily.


I've used MOT City for several years now. The service is always excellent and the work is thorough and professional.

How do I know if I need a new gearbox?

Common signs of a problem with your gearbox include: trouble getting your car into gear; a burning smell while driving; noisy transmission when in neutral; slipping gears; dragging clutch; leaking transmisison fluid; a “check engine” light on your dashboard; a grinding or shaking; whining, clunking or humming. All of these are signs of trouble that need to be investigated. A professional gearbox specialist will be able to tell you whether your gearbox can be repaired or should be replaced instead.

Why is my gearbox not working?

There are many possible causes for a gearbox problem. There may be low transmission fluid, or it may have become dirty or even started to leak. The shift cables or clutch linkage may need to be adjusted slightly, or things may just have become worn over time. 

How can I prevent problems with my gearbox?

We don’t often think about the gearbox when it comes to taking care of our vehicles but there are a few things you can do to ensure your gearbox stays healthy for longer. Things like a regular check of the transmission fluid and careful driving can make a big difference. Your transmission fluid should be checked around every 1600 km, and changed every other year or so. High performance starts and spinning tyres may seem impressive, but they can also cause damage to your gearbox.

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Our team of technicians are gearbox specialists and will thoroughly inspect your gearbox to ensure it is working well for you. If you need repairs or even a replacement gearbox we can discuss this with you and talk through your options. We can also supply and fit reconditioned gearboxes where appropriate.