Suspension Adjustments & Repair

Most cars experience a diverse range of road surfaces and the effect of potholes and bumps on the suspension can be detrimental. As part of a wider system on the underside of a vehicle, the suspension plays an essential role in keeping the wheels aligned and creating a smooth ride. Most cars will experience a diverse range of road surfaces, and things like potholes and bumps can have a detrimental effect on the suspension. Over the years vehicles have been manufactured with increasing weight and this puts more demand upon the suspension.

Keeping the framework centralised is really important and our team use calibration equipment to get this sorted in a short time. The steering angle might require adjustment if set off course through a collision or smaller incident, and you will notice the difference when going over rough ground.

A positive or negative camber is something we know to look out for and can repair to get everything back in line. Once reset, both front and four-wheel drives will notice an improved driving experience. We recommend regular checks to get the best chance of correcting any misalignment.

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Car Suspension Repairs

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