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No-one enjoys the loud, irritating sound of a problematic car exhaust. As the name suggests, the silencer is often to blame and tends to become corroded simply through the condensation generated. A subtler issue might raise its head in the form of hissing sounds, rattling or chugging. Complex as all these noises might seem, when you hear them you’ll be starting the process of discovering what’s gone wrong.

All manner of problems can be resolved with our help. It may be that due to bumpy roads your system is falling away from the underside of the car, or it may only be knocking into another part nearby. You might have cracks, leaks or holes causing gasses to be emitted from the wrong place. You may also have a faulty or noisy catalytic converter.

Whether you need localised work or a complete replacement, we’ll give you our honest and straight forward advice to come to the best solution for you.

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