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Does your suspension need some attention?

Your car’s suspension plays a vital role in keeping your wheels aligned and creating a smooth ride. Unfortunately, bumps, potholes and rough road surfaces can lead to suspension damage

How do you know if the suspension has gone on your car?

If you feel every bump as you drive along, this could be a sign your suspension has been damaged. Other signs may be that one corner of the car seems to be lower than the others, or abnormal movement when manoeuvring. When you brake, the car may nose-dive forward; it may roll to the side when you turn a corner, or it may squat backward when you accelerate. All of these are a sign your suspension is not at its best – after all, it is designed to maintain a smooth ride.


Suspension bounce test

A good way to see how well your car’s suspension works is to do a quick “bounce test.” If the car bounces more than 3 times, there is likely to be a problem with the shock absorbers or struts and it’s a good idea to have a professional look at the suspension.


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Why do I need to service my car air conditioning?

Car air conditioning requires regular servicing to ensure it is working efficiently and ready to use at any time. Car air con also needs to be recharged regularly as otherwise it can begin to only work intermittently, or to blow out only warm air.

Your car’s air conditioning does more than just cool the air during hot weather; it can also help to filter out pollutants and bacteria in the air. Over time car air con systems can become less efficient, especially when not used regularly.

How do I know if my air con needs regassing?

If your car air conditioning doesn’t always work, or is only blowing out warm air, it probably needs to be recharged. You may also experience unpleasant smells coming through the air conditioning. Car air con that is not recharged regularly become less effective and have to work harder to produce cool air which can put more strain on your engine and use more fuel.

How do I know if there’s a leak in my car air conditioning?

When we service your air conditioning we will perform a vacuum check which will highlight any damage or cracks which could be causing a leak. If we find a problem we will discuss your options with you before carrying out any work.

R1234YF refrigerant

All cars manufactured since 2017 are required by law to use R1234YF refrigerant gas in their air conditioning units. We can provide this refrigerant if your vehicle requires it.

Suspension Repair & Adjustment 

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