Engine Service

Car engine servicing is an important part of car maintenance and ensuring your car stays on the road and running well.

Whether you have a new car with a manufacturer warranty that depends on regular servicing, or you just want to make sure your car stays reliable in getting you from A to B, regular servicing is a must.

Engine servicing is different from an MOT, which is a legal requirement to ensure your car is safe. An MOT will look at whether your car is safe to be on the road, whereas an engine service is a more thorough series of processes and procedures designed to take care of ongoing maintenance. Your car may pass its MOT with flying colours, but it could still benefit from an engine service to fine tune the minor details and ensure the engine is running efficiently and reliably.

How often your car engine should be serviced is often specified by the vehicle manufacturer in a service schedule. Some more modern cars will even display the next due date for a service electronically somewhere on the dashboard. If you clock up a lot of miles in your car or van it is important to keep up the regular engine services to ensure you are able to stay on the road.

Like with most things, prevention is better than cure. It is cheaper and easier to have your engine serviced regularly and have any small problems picked up and dealt with, than to wait until your vehicle breaks down and needs major repair work to the engine.

Here at MOT City in Berkshire we provide engine servicing across the Reading and Wokingham area. We can book your vehicle in for a service and have you back out on the road in no time.

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