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How often should I service my Dacia?

Dacia recommends you should get your Dacia serviced every year, or ever 12,000 miles – whichever is sooner. It’s important to have your Dacia serviced by experts who know what they are doing – that’s why it’s best to come to the professionals!

How much does a Dacia service cost?

The cost of a Dacia service depends upon whether your car requires additional work. The charge for a basic Dacia service is £58 + parts + VAT. The average inclusive cost is £155. For more information, take a look at our prices.

Dacia servicing from the experts

Whatever model of Dacia you drive, you want to know it is in safe hands. Rest assured that here at MOT City we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to service your Dacia and keep it running well. We provide a range of servicing options to ensure your Dacia meets all legal requirements, but also that it runs efficiently and reliably for you. Whether you need to book an MOT test, you need a one-off repair of the clutch or brakes, or you want to upgrade your engine performance – you can rely on us.

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