Gearbox Repairs

For both manual and automatic transmissions your gear box is something that should be kept in perfect working order. It doesn’t take an expert to know when something is amiss – you’ll recognise buzzing and clunking sounds, and a pool of liquid on the driveway is a tell-tale sign that something is amiss.

Jerking movements when driving and a lack of response when changing gear should all be acted upon straight away, and that’s where we come in with a gearbox repair or replacement.

We can assist with replacing or flushing your automatic or manual transmission fluid, which might be contaminated or leaking out from a point that requires repair. With our mechanics’ trained eyes a problem gearbox can be quickly rectified and worn out parts will be spotted and replaced. Linkage and cables can sometimes get displaced and cause problems when moving up or down a gear, all of which is why our thorough service will come as a relief.


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