Clutch Replacement

Our team are qualified to deal with any problems arising from your clutch, whether it’s worn out or preventing you from changing gear. When this vital component stops working it can be a worrying time, so we’re glad to help by getting to the root of the issue. Bringing your vehicle into us means we can identify the exact cause and treat it appropriately, as there can be many reasons you’re not getting the driving experience you’d expect.

Most commonly you will find that the clutch disc has worn out, as in the same way your brakes use friction to engage, so too does this part of the car. As it spins against the flywheel to become locked against it and take the same speed, wearing occurs. After a long time typically exceeding 80,000 miles, this process means a clutch replacement is necessary.

Alternatively you might be hearing a grinding when attempting to change gear, or worse still not be able to get into gear at all. You might have an air build up or a faulty dual mass flywheel or broken cable. In all these scenarios we can help achieve a smooth running system. One part that will often need attention is the dual mass flywheel, which is there to dampen vibrations from a diesel engine as well as protecting the trasmission from torque reaction, and improve the quality of gearchanging.



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