Cambelt Change

The cambelt or timing belt is a fundamental part of any engine, but it needn’t be something to lose sleep over with our honest and approachable team on hand. A cambelt is a crucial component of any engine, keeping the engine synchronised and pistons in the correct position. Although it is highly important, it can be easily replaced if required. If a cambelt is left unchecked it may snap, which will cause an immediate loss of engine function and will cause serious engine damage.

The key is to spot warning signs before a problem gets too bad. It’s important to pay attention to any unusual sounds when driving. You may also hear a rattling noise coming from the front of the engine, or notice a loud squealing or hissing noise when the engine is first started.

We will give a price for replacement and fitting based on the make, model and age of the vehicle in question. With this information we are also able to predict when you may be due for a cambelt change in the future. As with all servicing, consistent checks and a trained eye are the best way to prevent unexpected failure or damage.

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