MOT City: Semi-Finalist in Top Garage 2019

UPDATE: We have made it through to the Finals Top Garage 2019.

The winners of the competition will be announced on Saturday 22 June at the Top Technician and Top Garage Awards Dinner 2019. We will keep you updated on how we do.


Top Garage 2019 is a national competition run by Aftermarket magazine. This competition was created in order to reward excellence in the UK automotive aftermarket. click here to read more.

The first round of Top Garage 2019 took place online from 1 November 2018 – 8 February 2019. This consisted of an online multiple-choice quiz. The questions were designed in such a way so that they might provide some inspiration for the applicants to improve, increase sales, increase profits and boost morale within the candidate’s business. MOT City made it through this round into the semi-finals.

Following the first round, the competition offers garages the chance to promote their business and gain inspiration from some of the best minds in the automotive sector. The second round/semi-final is running from 15 March – 26 April.


Q&A with MOT City: We talk to MOT City General Manager Austin Hornby


Why did MOT City decide to enter these awards?

We are hoping it will enable us to increase our visibility in the industry spotlight for all the right reasons. An opportunity such as this can generate publicity across local press and social media, third party endorsements and greater influence with suppliers. As well as this, we want our team to be recognised for the great job they do.

What does it mean to MOT City to be taking part in this competition?

It helps us to look at the business and see if we are doing the right things in the right way. It is an opportunity for us to continue to grow as a business and celebrate and recognise our team for their hard work and dedication.

What do you think makes MOT City stand out as a contestant in these awards?

I believe that we deliver exceptional results to our customers; we are a family run business with a wonderful friendly team. Our workshops are spotless and well maintained and to top it off the phone is always answered even when we are closed! We work hard to keep our business at a high standard and always aim to deliver the best service for our customers.

How has the awards process gone so far?

We are really pleased to be through to the semi-finals! The first round was an online quiz which posed multiple choice questions. These questions were thorough and also caused us to have a good think about our business, so just the process of entering has been incredibly beneficial and prompted us to strive to be the very best we can.

What value do you see this adding to MOT City and its customers?

We are hoping that any exposure we get from the awards will help promote MOT City to new customers, enabling them to see our value at a glance through our progress in the competition, as well as being linked to the high standards of the Top Garage Awards. We believe this will show that we are always working towards delivering the best for our customers and our business.


The final round will take place in June 2019, after which the results will be announced at the awards dinner at Jurys Inn Milton Keynes.  Good luck to all the contestants taking part in Top Garage 2019.

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