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We are fully qualified to carry out steering adjustments on your personal or commercial vehicle when you find the tracking is off. Classic signs that your steering may need to be adjusted include the car pulling to the left or right, or the steering wheel not sitting straight when let go. This can be caused by many common scenarios such as hitting the pavement or deep potholes, or frequent use of gravel roads. Although these are not always avoidable, careful driving can help to reduce the risks. If you feel that the tracking in your car is off, we are fully qualified to check and make the necessary steering adjustments.

There are a few ways to check your wheels to see if they need adjusting. The caster is the angle of the steering pivot when viewed side-on, and this must be equal on both sides to keep you going in a straight line. You’ll find the wheels are no longer parallel if they appear to ‘toe’ in or out and they may also have a visibly negative or positive camber. All these tend to cause wear to suspension parts and damages the handling, so it’s sensible to address this straight away by giving us a call.

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