Car Diagnostics

Here at MOT City we are able to offer full car engine diagnostics for identifying vehicle faults. When a dashboard warning light comes on it can be tempting to ignore it, but it is important to get it checked. Our vast range of diagnostic equipment will scan your car’s system for error codes, working with the car’s on board engine control computer to sort data. Modern day cars are becoming more and more complicated so a specialist machine is often required to diagnose a fault quickly and accurately. Our diagnostics tool will check essential parts such as the engine and brakes, as well as equipment like alarms and air bags so you’ll have peace of mind in the knowledge that everything is running smoothly when we’re finished.


Once the problem is solved we will reset your car’s on-board computer/ECU. Vehicle diagnostics are increasingly sophisticated, and we are able to check through several different aspects of your vehicle, comparing a list of values against what is expected for the specific make and model. We can even activate individual parts to test them one by one, isolating the source of an issue. We are also able to reprogramme components where required.

Whatever the make or model of your car we’ll find the car fault fast.

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