Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Four wheel lazer alignment is achieving the recommended positioning to keep your car driving forward at the right angle. This is fundamental in getting the best performance from your vehicle. It’s easily done but the correct setting can be knocked out by something as simple as hitting the pavement or a pot hole with the resulting effect of your tyres toeing-in (or out). Our fully trained mechanics will assess the problem, referring to the manufacturer’s specifications when resetting it.

We will achieve a nice straight line of driving without feeling the steering pulling or causing excessive wear. This imperfect pressure can make long journeys increasingly difficult, so pay attention to squealing noises when cornering on dry road. Pulling to one side is not only irritating but dangerous, so we address these concerns with a thorough and methodical approach.

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Trading standards approved wheel alignment & balancing in Reading and Wokingham

It is important to have wheels balanced on a regular basis as this helps to eliminate vibrations when driving and to keep your vehicle in good working order. Over time unbalanced wheels will cause excessive wear on tyres, and can also mean excessive fuel consumption, as well as damage to steering components as the whole system must work harder to correct the misalignment.  A telltale sign of the need to rebalance wheels is that the steering wheel will vibrate when travelling over around 40-50mph. Although all wheels are balanced when they’re first fitted, they will always need to be realigned after a while as normal wear and tear will always cause slight adjustments.

Keeping the tread of tyres in constant contact with the road is essential so to ensure the weight of the wheels and tyres are kept even around the axle, we apply tiny weights at specific points around the wheel. A computerised electronic wheel balancer is able to correct any misalignment promptly. It is always worth asking for this to be checked whenever punctures are repaired or tyres replaced.

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