Engine Diagnostics

The majority of modern vehicles on the road today now contain an on-board computer, known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU). This intelligent piece of equipment monitors the performance of the vehicle via sensors which report back to the ECU and generate an error code if there is a fault, which presents itself to you as a warning light on the dashboard of your vehicle.

You should always pay attention to the warning lights on your dashboard and when a warning light is illuminated you need to contact the experts for an engine diagnostics check to discover the cause of the problem. Time is of the essence, as minor issues can escalate very quickly into serious and potentially costly problems if left for too long.

MOT City has state of the art advanced diagnostic technology which will read the error codes generated by the Engine Control Unit in your vehicle and provide an accurate, comprehensive report, detailing the problems with your vehicle. This can include faults within a wide range of vehicle systems including the tyres, lights, emissions and engine management.

Our equipment is controlled by one of our experienced technicians, to enable us to quickly identify any problems with your vehicle and decide on the appropriate measure to fix the fault. We would always discuss with you any repairs that are necessary and give you a quote for the work before we proceed.

  • MOT City- Members of The Good Garage Scheme

  • We can perform thorough Engine Diagnostics for your car

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Engine Diagnostics
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