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Getting your car fixed is something we all rely on our local garage for. Choosing someone who is both local and offers a great service is a simple decision. That’s why MOT City feel proud to be able to provide this facility to those in Lower Earley and the surrounding area. It might be a small suburb of Reading, but to our business every customer matters and we want to keep cars running in this community. Luckily the help we have available spans a huge number of useful areas, from simply getting a regular service to specialised welding. As vehicle enthusiasts we welcome all manner of wheels from a tiny moped to a Sprinter work van. We appreciate the need to get the problem fixed as soon as possible and always work in an efficient and careful way.

A quick call to us is the easiest route to getting your MOT booked when that date comes looming on the calendar. Once you’ve taken advantage of our competitive pricing and reliable, thorough testing we suspect you’ll be back with us again next year. The proof of our high quality is in the result, so we send each car back on the road in great condition. Our experience in this area shows, and all our mechanics know how to work through the road safety tests in a methodical step-by-step way. When the annual checks are needed it makes sense to ask someone who is as stringent as the government-led regime itself.

One of our core customer requests is new tyres. Especially during the winter months, you’ll no doubt be checking your tread when you start sliding around corners a bit too quickly. In our organised garage we only stock the tyres that we know will meet our clients needs. This means a range of brands and prices to suit the budget and criteria you have in mind. Those needing advice on this will find we’re only too happy to offer genuine, honest suggestions. Being passionate about cars is in our blood and helping you make the right decision is all in a days work. From checking your existing wheels, to advising a new selection, right through to fitting – we do the job from start to finish.

Your first point of contact might well be through phone or by email. We know you don’t have masses of time to spend getting things sorted, and that’s why we’re always on hand to help. Get in touch with us in the way that suits you best and our friendly team will direct you further. Whether you’ve broken down at Bulmershe School or want to find the garage nearest to the Maiden Place Shopping Precinct, MOT City is your answer. Our local knowledge ensures a great relationship with other businesses too, so remember fleet vehicles can be brought to us for work and annual care. With centres like ours it’s no wonder Earley features as one of the most desirable postcodes in England.

MOT City – Lower Earley

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