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Berkshire is a green, castle-dotted county west of London that’s home to our team of expert mechanics.

This part of South East England benefits from the warm weather and sunshine with the added benefit of a short journey to the City. An ideal place to set up a home, families and business alike should know that our high quality car servicing is close at hand.

Our efficient team can repair brakes and exhausts right through to welding for anyone in this interesting county.

Being landlocked has it’s benefits, and here it means great access to all sorts of attractions. As well as picturesque roads to make visits over the border, there’s plenty to see right on the doorstep. Tourists are familiar with this location for its colourful history and Royal associations. Most know it as the home of the magnificent Windsor Castle. With the straight and prestigious Long Walk leading up to it, this huge building is highly impressive. The fact that it remains the largest inhabited castle in the world is one reason so many visitors travel here.

Beyond the grand property itself, Windsor Great Park forms part of it’s greater estate. 2020 hectares is still part of that today, although it is no longer the private hunting ground of its history. There’s plenty of other things to occupy your time if walking isn’t your thing, however. Those with a taste for an adrenaline rush can fulfil their desires with a number of flat horse races that rival any other country. If you’re planning a long trip however, consider a service before you go to make sure there’ll be no problems along the way.

Our team at MOT City are happy to accommodate for your vehicle whenever a check light calls for our help. Driving through the hilly landscape from which Berkshire gets it’s name should be an enjoyable experience, even if some of the forest has now been replaced by industry. One such development is Slough, which plays host to the biggest business park in the UK. A massive amount of companies have made their main premises here just as they have done in nearby Reading. Microsoft and Oracle are just two big names who recognised the perfect positioning of these cities.

Although our speciality is all things driving, history buffs will no doubt be aware of the stories this location has to tell. Although sometimes bloody when battles have been fought, the lasting mark on the land is several interesting castles. Donnington Castle near Newbury remains as a testament to past power struggles.

Modern day Prime Ministers will likely be more familiar with Eton, seeing as 19 out of 52 were educated at the famous public school that takes its name. With so much to offer, we’re often called upon by those making the most of towns and cities here. Ask our friendly staff for advice, quotations and our Trading standards approved car service centre.

We’re reliable, competitive on price and never take longer than needed to complete the job.

MOT City – Berkshire

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